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Update 06/01/2016 - I am sorry that it has been so long since an update... Sadly, we will not be having a litter this spring, as the Mercy X Frank breeding did not result in a pregnancy. Due to an ongoing family illness, I am offering a 12 week old puppy from my March 2, 2016 litter. At this time, I am also considering applications for Gunther. These have been difficult decisions to make, but I feel strongly that these placements are in the best interest of both this puppy and young dog. You can see info below, and on their individual pages. If you have yet to send me a completed application, please do so as soon as possible as I am anxious to get these pups into their forever homes so that I can focus on my family.

You can click on each puppy's name to go to their individual page



If you think that raising puppies might be something that you would like to try and/or that it seems easy... see Gunther's page. Look who is the big boy now! For those of you following Gunther's story, there are new pictures up as of 12/22/2015

Please download, fill out, and email us your completed puppy application. Then call us at: (920) 698-1812 to discuss your new puppy and to be put on our waiting list.

You can see pictures of many more of our previous puppies here.

As you can see, our puppies have plenty of admirers! No one is immune to the charms of a litter of puppies, not even a bunch of high school kids!

While I did not write this, (nor does it really pertain to us) here is an Interesting article on puppy buyer etiquette.


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