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Our Favorite Things

While you will quite a few of our "favorite things" scattered throughout this site, here I will list, all in one place, items that we use and recommend.

(this will always be a work in progress)

1) Source Micronutrients - We believe that depleted agricultural soils are effecting the nutrients available to us and our pets, Therefore, we feed all of our dogs (and horses) Source Micronutrients everyday.

2) Diatomaceous Earth - We feed diatomaceous earth (food grade) to all of our dogs every day, including pregnant Moms and puppies when they begin to eat solid food. Feeding of diatomaceous earth helps eliminate most internal worms including roundworms, pin worms and tapeworms. Diatomaceous earth is a natural substance and is also said to strengthen the dog’s immune system. That said, we do not rely on diatomaceous earth alone to protect our dogs from parasites. We stick to our de-worming schedule like clockwork and suggest that you do the same.

3) NeoPar and NeoVac DA2 - Remember, except what is required by law, the decision to vaccinate or not is YOURS. Read more here.

4) Spaniel feed bowls - While nothing seems to comletely STOP our dogs ears from getting in their food and water, these bowls do help!

5) Microchips - We use HomeAgain microchips and service. A HomeAgain microchip is permanent pet ID. The microchip itself has no internal energy source, so it will last the life of your pet.

6) Chew Toys - We use mainly Kong chew toys because we feel that they are a safer choice than some others.

7) Leashes - We use this type of leash for durabilty and safety. note that there are no screws or rivets. Rather the leash is braided into itself at both handle and connection snap. Here are some very good reasons why you should NOT use a retractable leash.

8) Shampoo and Conditioner - Chris Christensen Systems Spectrum 10 is our choice for shampoo and conditioner. We also use the Thick and Thicker. It is fantasic! It makes grooming so much easier and it smells great too! Before combing or brushing I like to use the Ice on Ice spray as well. (you can order a trial kit containing all of these products here. Scroll down to find the spectrum 10)

9) Love, Love, LOVE these snuggle puppies for new, young puppies! I also like these for very young pups as well as older dogs.

10) We our proud to support and help out our friends at Cold Noses and Whiskers, they are doing GREAT things! They offer low cost vaccinations, heartworm testing, and microchips as well as a free exam. Soon they will be offering low cost spay and neuter clinics as well. Take a look at their services and prices here.

11) Hair Of The Dog by Doc's Blend.- Great supplement to remedy Omega 3 deficiencies in pet food!

12) K9 FitVest - we LOVE these vests and it has done wonders for Hugo and his anxiety. (It works somewhat like a thundershirt for him - incidently a thundershirt did not work at all for Hugo...) It truly has been a life-changer!

more to come...


HomeAgain pet microchip and pet id

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